Speed Freaks
by Terry Ross

Hand Painted Stone Resin Sculptures

With a passion for all things fast, British Artist/Sculptor Terry Ross has mastered
the art of making sculptures look like they're going 150 while standing still!

A Word from the Sculptor:  When sculpting the originals I use an American product called Sculpey.  Creating cartoon style cars means the rulebook goes out the window!  Once I'm happy with the shape and movement I've added, the car gets heated in an over, which hardens the compound.  I then spray the car in white primer and start sanding. Once everything is smoothed out I add the details, this is normally a mix of brass or plastic sheet and more Sculpey.  So that's roughtly a month gone!

The car then gets cast in a marble resin and I get to start the painting.  With most cars I use genuine car colors.  A mix of aerosols, acrylics and graphic pens complete the details.

Bases are worked out and drawn.  Normally two masters are created.  One stays here, the other goes off to the factory, where the cloning takes place.  In all, about six weeks work goes into each car.